bleading lady


Dan Ellis takes the lead in this blood-drenched tale of Hollywood horror. Bleading Lady tells the tale of frustrated film studio driver Don Cardini, abused by spoiled stars and arrogant up-and-comers, who becomes a ticking time-bomb of revenge. As Don goes on the rampage, his favourite scream queen finds herself up for a new role in the greatest gorefest of all… real life.

Bleading Lady is a co-production between New Image Entertainment and Vancouver’s independent horror mavericks Plotdigger Films.


Ryan Nicholson


Ryan Nicholson

Executive Producers

John Craig  (Executive producer)
Philip Granger (Associate producer)
Ryan Nicholson (Co-producer)
Charie Van Dyke (Executive producer)


Dan Ellis – Donald Q. Cardini
Sindy Faraguna – Riversa Red
Nathan Durec – Luke the Director
Nick Windebank – The Lodgeboy
Mike Li – Frankie the Driver
Paige Farbacher – Jenny ‘FX’ Gore
Erindera Farga – Sienna
Kris Michaleski – Jordan
Matthew Janega – The Boyfriend (as Matt Janega)
Ady Mejia – Deb Crafty
Glenn Hoffmann – Gay Grip One (as Glenn Hoffman)
Gary Starkell – Washed-up British Film Actor
Jason Victor Hernandez – Gay Grip Two
Rochelle Lynn-Jones – Movie Producer
Tina Baloochestany – First Assistant Director
Christopher Lomas – Director of Photography (as Chris Lomas)