the privileged


In a near-future America of corporate feudalism, a hunted crew of ‘Occupy’ rebels launches a desperate mission to rescue one of their own. Their destination: the island compound of the Lawsons, an infamous aristocratic family. Dark rumors have surrounded the Lawson family for generations – but as the rebels will soon discover, the reality is worse.


Philip Granger


Jordan Boos
Paul Burton
Jeff O’Brien


John Craig (Executive Producer)
Charie Van Dyke (Executive Producer)
Amir Aghelnejad


Olivier Baheza – Doctor
Candy Bonilla – Carla
Simon Bornhauser – Rand
Redmar Dubbelman – John
Joshua Garcia
Sandro Horber – Nick
Edward T. Jones – Max (as Thomas Jones)
Justin Jones – Young John
Mac Knight – Gabe
Rya Lefevre – Julia Lawson
Dustin Lloyd – Luke
Anthony MacLean – Young Philip
Jennifer Meinke – Jessica
Morgan Roxanne Miller – Lexa
Alecia Noel – Tracy
Brock Smith – Mike
Remi Sonier – Zane
Greg Stephanian – Phil
Robert Lintner – Cook (uncredited)