The redemptus files


Welcome to the Desmond. The tower’s pleasant name hides a history of horror — fatal fires, murders, madness, even colonial genocide. Abandoned for years, shunned even by squatters, the Desmond has sat empty for the better part of a century… until now.

Johnny Craig, the ambitious host of paranormal investigation show ‘America’s Most Haunted’, has taken interest in the Desmond. The fortified building has no known ways in or out, but Johnny’s enlisted a group of urban explorers to help him gain access — and he’s brought his whole crew in for the ultimate prime-time special.


Ryan Nicholson


Roy Nicholson


John Craig (Executive Producer)
Charie Van Dyke (Executive Producer)
Philip Granger


Jessica Allaire – Angela
Michelle Cyr – Dr.Hanson
Roberto Lanzas – Chris
Ash MacAndrew – Ashley
Star Martin – Nun-Noozel
Yu Matsushita – Insane Asylum Patient
Joshua Paquette – Derek
Raylene Tate – Anastasia
Kayla Janelle Tellier – Amy
Simon Bornhauser – Simon
Shawn Brown
Carissa Flatland – Carissa
Lucas Othmer – Luke
Laura Rose-Mary – Laura
Anneliese Washington – Jasmine
Emily Whitehead – Cornelia Black